Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Eleanor

Today we’re celebrating former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “It’s up to women” to help make the country better. The Oklahoma Democratic Party agrees and is proud to have three strong, principled women leaders running for statewide office, as well as many other equally capable women running across this great state.

State Rep. Jari Askins of Duncan is leading in her bid for Lt. Governor. Sandy Garrett, Superintendent of Public Instruction, is working hard to earn a fifth term overseeing our schools. And, Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland has proven herself as the appointed Insurance Commissioner; now she is using her great reputation to gain a first full term.

Just this past weekend, the Associated Press reported that the Republicans have continued to lose support from married mothers, the majority of whom supported George W. Bush in the last presidential election. Echoing what we’ve been saying for months, the new polling cited economic concerns as a top issue with American mothers, who, as the manager of their households, know first hand how difficult it has become to make ends meet under this Republican administration and congress.

The AP-Ipsos poll shows that married moms care as much about health care and the economy as they do about terrorism. The situation is Iraq is a greater concern that taxes and Social Security. According to the poll, married moms believe that Democrats would handle Iraq and the economy better than the Republicans.

“The Republican Party’s failed agenda and misplaced priorities are leaving mothers and families behind, but Democrats are fielding an excellent team of women from the courthouse to the statehouse,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairwoman Lisa Pryor. “We have more than 100 women seeking election in Oklahoma’s from Boise City to Idabel and Hollis to Miami who are ready to take over and focus on the priorities Oklahoma’s families care about.”

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