Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cody Graves receives bi-partisan endorsements of all former Corporation Commissioners

J.C. Watts and Jim Townsend lead Graves’ endorsement group Democrat and Republican commissioners join in unprecedented support

OKLAHOMA CITY – In a move unprecedented in state political history, every Democrat and Republican former Corporation Commissioner today urged Oklahoma voters to elect Democrat Cody Graves to be Oklahoma’s next commissioner, saying Graves is best suited to serve and protect taxpayers’ interests at the commission.

Two of the state’s best known former commissioners, Republicans J.C. Watts, who also served in Congress and Democratic populist Jim Townsend led the impressive list of bi-partisan former commissioners backing Graves.

Besides Townsend, Democrats Hamp Baker, Norma Eagleton, Charles Nesbitt and Rex Privett all are supporting Graves.

Former Republican commissioner Ed Apple joined Watts in breaking party ranks to back Graves, a life-long Democrat.

Never before in Oklahoma history has such a prestigious bi-partisan group of former elected officials come together over political party lines to endorse a candidate for public office.

“I am honored to have the unwavering support of these men and women who have shown, once again, that they are true leaders for the people of Oklahoma,”
Graves said. “I am a Democrat and I am proud of it, but the goal of my campaign has been to unite people in a single cause – to protect Oklahoma taxpayers and their interests.

Graves is running against 18-year incumbent Republican Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony. Graves currently runs a company that helps major businesses monitor and reduce their utility costs. He is a recognized national expert in utility and energy matters.

“I want to change the commission. I want to open its decision-making process to more public review. I want to expand consumer protection efforts and I want to end the questionable actions that have become a part of Bob Anthony’s record at the commission,” Graves said.

“The help of these men and women is a tremendous step toward winning this election.”

Comments from each of the former Commissioners:

Republican J.C. Watts, who also served as an Oklahoma’s 4th District Congressman:
“I have known Cody Graves for years and I believe he is truly the best person to serve as our next corporation commissioner.

“My decision to endorse and support Cody is based upon Cody’s sincere desire to do more to open commission operations to public review and to strengthen the agency’s consumer protection efforts to ensure taxpayer’s and their interests are protected.

“To me this is not a decision about which political party a person belongs to, but a decision about what is in the best interest of the people of Oklahoma. The people of Oklahoma should always come first in these matters. I know Cody Graves will be an extremely effective commissioner who will serve with honor and integrity and in a way that will make every Oklahoman proud that they voted for him.”

Democrat James Townsend:
“People. That’s what Cody Graves is all about. Doing what’s right for people. I know Cody as one of the most honorable, honest public servants I have ever met or had the privilege of working with. His Democratic beliefs are unquestionable. His desire to help people is beyond reproach. I know he will do much to make the Corporation Commission Count Again.”

Democrat Norma Eagleton:
“My campaign slogan was that I would always keep an ‘Eagle Eye’ out for taxpayers as a corporation commissioner. I know that’s Cody will do and that’s why I’m excited about voting for him. I think a change is needed at the commission and I think Cody is the person best suited to bring about those changes.”

Republican Ed Apple:
“Cody is simply the best man for this job. His experience, his honesty, his ability to fairly judge matters are all reasons I support his election. I’m voting for Cody Graves because we need a new commissioner now more than we ever have before.”

Democrat Hamp Baker:
“My campaign slogan was always ‘Put Your Stamp On Hamp.’ Now it’s ‘Put Your Stamp On Cody.’ I believe the corporation commission can do more to protect consumers. With the right man in office, the commission can have a dramatic impact on the state’s efforts to bring new jobs to our cities and towns.
Cody Graves is that right man. There’s no doubt about it.”
Democrat Charles Nesbitt:
“I judge a candidate by his actions and his record. I know Cody Graves’ record and I know Bob Anthony’s – and believe me I know which one is better, Cody’s. If the people are looking for someone to clean up the commission; to make the commission an active player in the effort to bring new jobs to Oklahoma; if they want someone who will put an end to shenanigans that all too often permeate commission procedures – then Cody Graves is the man who will do it.”

Democrat Rex Privett:
“It should be pretty clear to everyone that things need to be changed at the corporation commission. I know both of these candidates and I know which one I can count on to make the changes that are so desperately needed – and that’s Cody Graves.”

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