Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oklahoma On The Move

In yesterday's gubernatorial forum at the Reed Center in Midwest City, Governor Brad Henry said he's used a balanced approach to raising teachers' salaries and tax cuts. (Perhaps this approach is what has earned him the respect of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across the state and an approval rating of nearly 70%.)

Henry insisted that Oklahoma is on the move and backed it up with figures released earlier this month from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing "Oklahoma's rate of job growth has exceeded the national average for nine consecutive quarters" and that Oklahoma's economy has created more than 100,000 jobs since July 2003.

Henry pointed to many accomplishments from his term as governor unlike the folks in Washington who hold hearings, point their fingers, assess blame and get nothing done. Henry's opponent, Ernest Istook is part of the Do Nothing Congress and is steeped in the Washington Way, something Henry opposes in favor of the Oklahoma Way. If you haven't seen them, check out Henry's tv commercials and compare them to Istook's. (Oh, that's right, Istook doesn't have any tv commercials and some are wondering if he even has a campaign.)

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