Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jari Askins Receives Endorsement From Claremore Daily Progress


Jari Askins is a rare public servant with vision for both fiscal prudence and ample funding of vital government programs.

In seeking the post of lieutenant governor, Jari Askins faces Todd Hiett. He is a penny-wise, dollar-foolish opponent of historically important efforts of civilization that belittle Oklahoma's heritage and wisdom of quality, family-oriented life.

Jari Askins owns a career of public service that is unblemished. While careful about spending taxpayers' money, Jari Askins knows that governments were formed as a method of cooperation among people for certain common good despite the fact that taxes are required.

Like a hog running wild at the slop trough, Hiett became infamous for ripping and tearing at the very fabric of society and civilized behavior. His narcissistic selfishness had him on the brink of being ousted from the House's top job by his own party near the end of the past session.

Jari Askins would work in harmony with the governor's office. No telling what stunts Hiett might pull. As speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, he took huge sums of money for his own campaign that past speakers used to help re-elect their partisan colleagues, creating the smoldering resentment among fellow House Republicans.

Todd Hiett ran amok for first two years Oklahoma voters allowed the GOP to own a majority in the House. Republicans are supposed to be conservative, deep thinkers who ponder instead of rant. Hiett's self-absorption became so nauseating that many pundits of his own political persuasion lay the blame at his feet if republicans lose control of the House this year.

Jari Askins, serving as minority leader in the House, was a forceful but gentle voice of reason who sided with the majority when possible but spoke plainly when she discovered the Hiett house was running amok. That has been the historic pattern of public and private conduct of the bright 53-year-old former judge and parole board chairman from Duncan.

In business, Jari Askins ran the family's technical and precise abstract business that protects the right of private property ownership. Her reputation was flawless. Todd Hiett, in contrast, ran a dairy that he inherited and boasts so much about in television commercials without mentioning that as the fourth generation owner he sold the place. Askins' abstract business remains in the family while someone else is milking the Hiett family cows. Such reflects the true "family values" of the two candidates.

Choosing Jari Askins for lieutenant governor is imperative for Oklahoma's progress, fiscal soundness and improved government.

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