Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fallin and Hastert React to Sex Scandal

Some reports indicate that U.S. House Speaker Hastert won't last the week due to the recent sex coverup scandal that is rocking Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, Oklahoma Democrat Dr. David Hunter issued the following press release regarding Republican Mary Fallin's scheduled fundraiser with Hastert.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Yesterday, Democratic Fifth Congressional Nominee Dr. David Hunter challenged Mary Fallin to disavow support for Speaker Dennis Hastert and to cancel a fundraiser with the Speaker set for late October.

Even after the nation’s most conservative newspaper The Washington Times called for Hastert’s resignation, and three Republican members of Congress said Hastert knew about Foley’s predatory behavior, Fallin still plans on accepting Hastert’s support.

“We can’t trust the current Congressional leadership to do what’s right, and we can’t trust Mary Fallin unless she condemns them. I can't believe politics has come to a place where I not only have to tell you that I do not condone pedophiles preying on our kids in the halls of Congress, but that I have to inform my opponent that it’s not right to host in our state the man who covered up this sick behavior,” said Dr. Hunter. “People of good will – no matter what party they’re in – want Mary Fallin to do what is right. But Mary Fallin has put her quest for campaign cash ahead of setting an example for Oklahoma’s children.”

”There is overwhelming evidence that Speaker Hastert is involved, but the Fallin campaign is still having the fundraiser,” says Hunter. “She has just proven that she does not put protecting our families above money and winning at all costs.”

Hunter continued, “I got into this race because I thought the system was broken, not listening to the average Oklahoman. I had no idea the system was so tragically broken. Now is not the time for another politician who sees the world according to partisan loyalty instead of according to right and wrong.”

“In Congress, I will not only fight for the safety of our kids every day, but I will speak up and stand up on issues like this. Whether its calling to task criminal behavior in any party, or fighting for affordable healthcare, quality education and bringing business to Oklahoma. I will never play politics with what is best for Oklahoma - no matter what the issue or which party is in charge,” said Hunter.

“If my opponent is elected, she will be a rubber stamp for this Congress who’ve added their failure to protect children under their care, to their do-nothing record on helping hard working Oklahomans of this district. The people of Oklahoma want a change, and I am the only candidate who will be a true voice of the people,” Hunter concluded.

My question is, what won't the Republicans lie about? What won't Republicans do to maintain power? Senator Nancy Riley said it right, "they care more about power than the people they represent." And she was referring to Oklahoma's GOP leaders. So true, so true.

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