Thursday, October 05, 2006

Child Advocate Barton Seeks Balance in Congress

Read today's DOK story on Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District race that features Democratic Party nominee Sue Barton.

Barton has taken her "People are the Focus" campaign to every county in the largely rural district and includes Altus, Enid, Ponca City, and Guymon.

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Walter Jenny Jr. said...

Sue Barton is right to fault Frank Lucas for caving to the Republican leadership and not pushing the drought relief bill for farmers.

Not only has he not done anything of any significance for farmers, but he's in trouble for other reasons. The demographics of this district have changed since Lucas was elected to Congress. The eastern, more Democratic counties in the district have grown in population, while the rural western counties have lost voters. He's also raised less money than any of the other incumbent Congressmen in Oklahoma.

If there's a strong Democratic turnout east of Highway 81 or I-35, Sue Barton has an excellent chance of winning this seat.