Friday, October 06, 2006

Bush Republicans

(Oklahoma's Bush Republicans include Congressman John Sullivan, Congressman Frank Lucas, Congressman Tom Cole, and Congressman Ernest Istook)

Bush Republicans have failed the American people. They continue to ignore a civil war in Iraq, they ignored a sexual predator in their ranks in Congress, and they refuse to hold anyone accountable for anything. It is time for a new direction.


Iraq is in civil war, Afghanistan is in decline, and America's intelligence community says terrorism is getting worse.

The Republican Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee says we need to change course in Iraq. He joins the entire intelligence community, the military, and the American people.

Everyone in America knows we must change course in Iraq-everyone but the Republicans who run the White House and the Congress.

President Bush is not protecting the American people. His government won't even read the mail of terrorists in prison to find out what they are saying. It is time for a change.

America deserves better than leaders who talk tough but don't act smart. Democrats have the tough AND smart policies to give the American people the real security they deserve.

Foley / Failed Republican Leadership

This Republican Congress has completely failed the nation. Americans did not expect much from the Republican leadership, but they did expect their kids to be kept safe.

Americans demand accountability for House Republican leaders who had evidence of a sexual predator in their ranks and chose to cover it up.

It is time for Republican leaders to testify under oath about what they knew, when they knew it, and why they didn't properly act.

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