Sunday, August 20, 2006

Statewide -- Regan or Askins? Vote Tuesday.

Oklahoma Democrats will determine their choice for Lt. Governor on Tuesday. Be part of the decision. Vote Tuesday -- then on Wednesday put everything you have behind our Democratic nominees. We are poised to win in November and to win big. But we cannot do it without your help. Call our office at 405.427.3366 and sign up to volunteer with our campaign to elect Democrats in every county and every corner of this state. Join us Friday at Bricktown Ballpark as we load the bases for a Grand Slam in November. To help, call us, or email us at

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Nita Norman said...

Congratulations to our Lt. Governor nominee, Jari Askins.... But also congratulations to Pete Regan for showing class tonight by endorsing Jari for Lt. Governor on tv!.... You are to be commended for showing unity in the Democratic Party... It sends a message loud and clear that the Democrats are as one and we ARE going to take the LT. Governors' office back in November!