Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chicago Day 1 - DNC Meeting

Made it to the Windy City, only it's not windy today, just hot and muggy. Will attend a training session this afternoon on The Democratic Message. We are unifying around a framework* for the 2006 election and will continue working with our party officials and grassroots activists to speak with a clear voice. Today's training is part of the 50 State Strategy and Partnership Project to train up our volunteers and our voters "until we're blue in the states."

Seems to me that our Democrats are bringing a message of hope and trust to our state. Our legislators, in the Senate and House, and our statewide constitutional officers offer proven leadership, accountability and responsibility. The message is clear, and very simple, Oklahomans can trust Democrats to lead and to govern - that's the framework for the Sooner State. It's was Democrats like Governor Brad Henry, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, State Treasurer Scott Meacham, State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, and State Auditor Jeff McMahan have proven. Oklahomans also know they can trust Lloyd Fields for Labor Commissioner and Cody Graves for Corporation Commissioner. And after Tuesday we'll add another strong Democrat to the slate in the Lt. Gov's spot. Every time I listen to our candidates I am hearing them talk about a record of achievements that prove, Oklahoma can trust Democrats. And every time I hear the other side, they are talking about how religious and conservative they are. If you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars telling folks how religious you are, maybe something is wrong. Words or deeds? Talk or walk? And that brings me back to message. I'll listen carefully but I think we know what the message is, Oklahoma can TRUST us; they have since statehood and should all the way through our second century.

*framework, thanks George Lakoff for teaching us to think in those terms!

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