Wednesday, August 02, 2006

John Edwards . . . the working man's friend

John Edwards will make another appearance in Oklahoma tomorrow on behalf of Democrats running for the State House of Representatives. Edwards is familiar to Oklahoma, having made numerous stops here while campaigning for President in 2004. He is very popular with local Democrats and is very generous with his time and talents. Thanks Senator Edwards!

Tomorrow's 5:45 p.m. appearance will be at the IBEW Hall, 1700 SE 15th, OKC. One of Edwards' young staffers called me today to make certain I'd be attending. I have a photo of my son and Edwards in Norman at the Labor Day picnic in 2003 just days before he deployed to Iraq. I'll ask him to sign it this time. Since the photo was taken, my son has served two full tours in Iraq. And he returned safely home in May. Since the photo was taken Edwards ran for vice-president and started a center on poverty at the University of North Carolina and his wife has recovered from breast cancer. So who has experience with healthcare and jobs? Who feels the pulse of America? Of two Americas?

Don't miss the opportunity to hear one of America's greatest orators and to support Oklahoma Democrats in creating a new majority in the House of Representatives.

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