Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Primary Winners and No Joementum

Nearly 50% of voters turned out yesterday to give Democratic challenger Ned Lamont a victory over incumbent US Senator Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's primary. Our own state primary elections last month drew less than 25% of registered voters despite the fact that there were tight races on both sides for Lt. Governor. The runoff elections are on the 22nd and it's likely that turnout will be less than that for the primary. So yes, one vote can make a difference!

For some Oklahoma candidates, the primary election told the whole story for this campaign season.
  • Democratic incumbent Senator Connie Johnson defeated Democratic challenger Willa Johnson 61% to 38% and will serve a full four-year term in the Oklahoma State Senate's District 48 since no Republican filed for this seat. This is the second time in less than 12 months that Connie Johnson beat OKC city councilwoman Willa Johnson.
  • Also winning re-election by a wide margin was State Representative Rebecca Hamilton who bested challenger Pam Cross 75% to 25%. Both elections reflect a strong mandate by the primary voters to continue on with the proven leadership of these two women.
  • Another big primary winner was Al McAffrey in OKC's HD 88. McAffrey ousted two Democratic primary challengers to win the whole thing to replace term-limited Rep. Debbie Blackburn.
  • State Representative Mike Shelton will get another term serving HD 97 in OKC after defeating three other Democrats in the primary. No Republican bothered to file in this predominantly Democratic district.
  • In SD 6 Senator Jay Paul Gumm got a second term when no one filed against him. And in nearby SD 8, Democratic candidate Roger Ballenger's Republican opponent withdrew giving Ballenger his first four-year term. In South OKC's SD 44 Senator Debbe Leftwich will get a second term after the Republican opponent withdrew.
  • State Representative Joe Dorman, HD 66, scared off his Republican opponent so will keep his seat for another two years.

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