Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mick and Mary Clear as Mud

Just watched Flashpoint's interview with Mick and Mary; what was clear is that they are both conservatives, whatever that really means, what wasn't clear were their answers to serious questions. Both have perfected the "artful dodge". That is, neither of them answer the questions asked, instead they pivot onto their canned talking points that do little to inform voters about their true grasp of important issues. Being a "conservative" might endear them to Republican primary voters but won't be enough to win in November. Polls indicate that people, even Republicans, have had enough of the extremist right wing politics -- the Washington way --- and plan to reject candidates and incumbents who embrace anything outside of the moderate middle -- the Oklahoma way. And neither Mick nor Mary dare claim to be moderate after spending hundreds of thousand of dollars telling us they are "conservative."

Vote for Dr. David Hunter for Congress. He has experience fixing problems and finding solutions to life threatening situations. Mary has experience cutting ribbons. And Mick, well, he has experience being mayor.

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