Monday, August 07, 2006

ODP State Central Committee

The central committee members for the ODP include:
Larry Adair
, Congressional District 2 Chair; Mark Ashton, Congressional District 4 Chair; Lillie Buckner, Congressional District 5 Vice-Chair; Judy Calhoun, Congressional District 4 Secretary; Alisa Cole, Oklahoma Young Democrats President; Louise Darrington, Affirmative Action Committee; Coleman Davis, Congressional District 1 Vice-Chair; Representative Joe Dorman, State House of Representatives; Senator Judy Eason-McIntyre, Congressional District 1 Chair; Jim Frasier, Democratic National Committeeman; Sally Frasier, Congressional District 1 Secretary; Kalyn Free, Democratic National Committee At-Large Appointee; Hugh Graham, Congressional District 2 Secretary; Jeremy Hendricks, Congressional District 5 Chair; Debbie Hogue-Downing, Congressional District 5 Secretary; Walter Jenny, Oklahoma Democratic Party Secretary; Sue Johnson, Affirmative Action Committee; Sebastian Lantos, Affirmative Action Committee; Senator Debbe Leftwich, State Senate; Betty McElderry, Democratic National Committeewoman; State Treasurer Scott Meacham, Statewide Elected Official; Mack Miller, Congressional District 3 Chair; James Nimmo, Stonewall Democrats Representative; Anita Norman, Congressional District 3 Vice-Chair; Ben Odom, Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair; Jay Parmley, Democratic National Committee At-Large Appointee Garland Pruitt, Affirmative Action Committee; Lisa Pryor, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair; Nina Ritchie, Oklahoma Democratic Party Treasurer; Shirley Robertson, Congressional District 3 Secretary; Barbara Selby, Congressional District 4 Vice-Chair; Ruby Taylor, Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women President; Gene Wallace, Congressman Dan Boren's Personal Representative; Frieda Wilcox, Congressional District 2 Vice-Chair

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