Friday, August 04, 2006


Today is the second day of the Mtn. View Gotebo Fair in Mtn. View. This is an annual event that attracts people from all over the state. Last year the ferris wheel, owned and operated by the good folks of Mtn. View, was featured in the Sunday Oklahoman. While the wheel is a BIG deal, it's the junior and senior class parents who make the event THE PLACE TO BE the first weekend of August. These people wrote the book on "comfort food" and serve it up to crowds of people culminating with the Saturday night event which includes live music and all your friends and neighbors, relatives, inlaws and outlaws. It is an annual reunion weekend for many families across the county, so if you want to get a flavor of Oklahoma, take a trip to Mtn. View Saturday, as the sun goes down, the fun goes up. The fair is at Tolbert Park on the west edge of Mtn. View, just north of State Highway 9.

Kiowa County is home to more than 4,000 registered Democrats. Our Kiowa County Democratic Party chair is Bobby Sue Osmond. On Saturday the Oklahoma Democratic Party will attend the fair in honor of our great Democratic legislators and candidates there: Senator Gilmer Capps, Representative Ryan McMullen, Senate Candidate Tom Ivester, Senate Candidate Wayne Walters, State Auditor Jeff McMahan, State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, State Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Treasurer Scott Meacham and Lloyd Fields for State Labor Commissioner. The Governor Brad Henry team will be there also! So come join the fun and help us rally Kiowa County for our team in November.

Kiowa County office holders include:
  • Commissioner District 1 Arlen Vickery
  • Commissioner District 2 Robert Boelte
  • Commissioner District 3 Joyce HOlder
  • Assessorr Leticia Stockton
  • County Clerk Geanea Watson
  • Court Clerk Karen Denton
  • District Attorney John Wampler
  • Asst. District Attorney Rick Marsh
  • Sheriff Buck Jones
  • Treasurer Deanna Beamon-Miller

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Nita Norman said...

Waiting to hear about the great event in Kiowa County. Sorry that Mack and I could not attend the County Fair and enjoy the southern hospitality (not to mention the food... I love fair food!)

Several from Kiowa County will be attending the 3rd District Retreat this weekend.