Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Head to Head on the Radio
As with most every Monday for the last 14 months, I was on KTOK AM 1000 at 7:35 am to debate the issues of the day with the GOP spokesman. It used to be that my opposite number was Gary Jones, but the new GOP chair, Tom Daxon, is either unwilling or unable to debate me, so most weeks it is State Representative Doug Miller on the other side of the question. This week dealt with the switch of parties by Senator Nancy Riley. While it was a great chance for me to work in talking points about fairness, voices being heard, respect, and the agenda for working families, I wish there had been more time to discuss this trend. In the last few months several current or former GOP officeholders have switched to Democrat; I can't think of anyone on our side who has crossed the aisle. Clearly the tide is turning here in Oklahoma, and the harsh agenda of the Oklahoma GOP is finally leading some to decide they have had a gutfull. There will be more GOP officeholders seeing the light before we are done.

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