Monday, August 07, 2006

Democrats Care - Mtn. View Fair

(To view photos from the event click on the title above. You will be re-directed to Google video where you can view a video from the fair.)

Thank you Mtn. View and western Oklahoma Democrats for a great event at Tolbert Park Saturday night. Our crew started lined up for the parade Saturday between Tim Binghom and Donnie Squires, both are running for Kiowa County Commissioner. They bested a field of four in the primary and face off August 22 for the job. Both were at the fairgrounds "meeting and greeting" that evening. Also in the parade were Wayne Walters and Tom Ivester, the two candidates in the SD 26 runoff election. The Walters campaign featured a Palomino pony and the Walters family who made a command performance at the fair that evening; Wayne ran the ring toss game as he visited with potential voters. Ivester announced his run for the Senate from the back of a pickup while his wife worked the crowds up and down Main Street during the parade. They set up a booth at the fair and greeted voters and fairgoers most of the day and all evening. Both are fine candidates and either will make a great Senator to replace term-limited Gilmer Capps. State Representative Ryan McMullen's campaign was in the parade and he too had a booth set up at the fairgrounds. Governor Brad Henry's campaign showed up for the parade. Kyle Dean from the Pete Regan campaign drove his car in the parade and helped out at the fair through the evening. Yancy York from the Jari Askins campaign spent the better part of the afternoon and evening working the crowd for his boss. State Auditor Jeff McMahan made a stop at the fair with some family members and supporters. State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland and her crew made an afternoon stop at the park to finish off her southern tour of the state.

Following the parade our crew set up a tent at the park and stayed there until 10 p.m. The 100+ degree heat kept folks home throughout the day but as the sun began to set the park filled up and the fun began. By 10 p.m. there were at least 1,000 people there and probably closer to 2,000. A great place to visit the good folks of western Oklahoma; including former CD 4 chairman Bob Meyers who grew up at Cooperton, a suburb of Gotebo, just west of Mtn. View. My high school chum Dianna (Blaine) Roark was there cooking at the Junior Class booth --- the calf fries were great and well worth the wait. She told me they made more than 200 gallons of homemade icecream for the event --- we tried the peach, strawberry and banana.

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Nita Norman said...

Thank you Lisa for the video... it was great, and it looked as if everyone was having a wonderful time at the county fair, heat and all! and the food.........looked yummie!