Thursday, August 10, 2006

Presidential Primaries 2008

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee has voted to adopt changes to the 2008 Presidential nomination schedule, adding two states to the pre-primary schedule. Under the proposed plan, the state of NEvada could hold a caucus (following the Iowa caucus) and the state of South Carolina could hold a primary (following New Hampsnire) in the "pre-window primary" period. The "regular" primary window would open February 5th. The proposal moves to the full DNC membership for a vote at our meeting August 18th in Chicago.

If approved, this would mean a primary for Oklahoma February 5th, 2008 or later.

Oklahoma's DNC members include ODP Chair Lisa Pryor, ODP Vicechair Ben Odom, National Committeeman Jim Frasier, and National Committeewoman Betty McElderry. Two other Oklahomans, Kalyn Free and Jay Parmley, serve as At-Large appointments to the DNC. Free heads INDN's List and Parmley is working with the Mississippi State Democratic Party.

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Chris Bryant said...

Good idea,though they aren't really dealing with the real problem yet.Moving South Carolina to the 4th position is a start but South Carolina,I believe,is one of the wealthiest of the southern states and therefore atypical.I'm biased,of course,but I wish they'd let Oklahoma get one of those early spots.

The real problem with the system,though,is that it helps the most liberal candidates when we need to help the candidates who are most likely to win the general election.Iowa and New Hampshire are not typical states and aren't likely to vote for the most electable Democrat.I think Arkansas might be a good substitute for New Hampshire as the first primary.It's a small state not much bigger than N.H.Well,at least they're thinking about trying something a LITTLE different this time.

While we're on the subject,I sure wish we'd go back to the caucus system here in Oklahoma;again,I'm rather biased but it was more fun when we did that and maybe they'd let us do our voting earlier if we were a caucus state.

Another big problem with the system is how quickly the race ends;Last time it was ridiculous.Kerry pretty well had it wrapped up before half the states had voted.A lot of that is the fault of the media but letting more southern states vote early would help a lot,I say.
Chris Bryant