Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sixty Nine Days, Sixty Nine Ways

Oklahomans go to the polls in 69 days to determine the future of our state. Will our state be lead by bold, progressive, visionary leaders or will it be pushed back into a dark and fearful corner of right-wing Republicanism?

Odds are good that Oklahomans, who are generally pragmatic populists, will re-elect our current Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, Superintendent, and Insurance Commissioner because they personify the good, effective government, integrity and responsibility that are at the core of Democratic values. With your help we'll elect a Democrat to serve as Lt. Governor, a Democrat as Labor Commissioner, and a Democrat to the Corporation Commission. Why? Because voters are tired of slogans and want substance. The candidates who deliver substance and results will earn the trust and vote of Oklahomans in November. Voters will elect candidates who are "conservative" as it applies to being a good steward of our state's air, water, and land and protecting our environment and resources. Voters have no choice there but to elect Democrats. And voters will elect candidates who take a positive and generous approach to protecting our state's working families and small businesses; again, no choice except to vote for Democrats.

But before we vote there's plenty of work to do. Do your part. Loan your yard to a candidates or two for the next 69 days. Use your extra cellphone minutes to make calls on behalf of a candidate or two for the next 69 days. Have an extra roll of stamps? Bring them to the ODP and we'll give you a list to send a reminder to about the elections. Been thinking about adding some exercise to your regimen and losing a few pounds, we can help by outlining a walking route in a precinct near you where you can talk to folks about the election and the candidates. But you can't help if you don't get involved. So, call us today,(405.427.3366), we'll help you find a way to be part of Oklahoma's Dream Team and our victory in November.

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