Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hispanic Chamber Expo

I would like to thank all of the Candidates and volunteers that helped the Oklahoma Democratic Party with the Hispanic Chamber Expo booth on Saturday July 29th. Campaigns that participated in the Expo; Four Candidates attended and twenty four volunteers from several campaigns:

Brad Henry for Governor’s Campaign had four volunteers

Jari Askins for Lt. Governor's Campaign and four volunteers attended

Pete Regan for Lt. Governor's Campaign had two volunteers

Drew Edmondson’s Campaign Manager attended

Meacham for Treasurer had four volunteers

Lloyd Fields for Labor Commissioner and one volunteer attended

Dr Hunter for Congress and six volunteers attended

Cody Graves for Corporation Commission one volunteer attended

Winfredo Riveroa, volunteered from the Oklahoma Democratic Party

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Lisa Pryor said...

And thanks to Teresa Hill for taking the lead on our booth at the Hispanic Chamber EXPO on Saturday. We were thrilled to be represented there by our candidates, volunteers and by our party. Thanks T!