Friday, August 04, 2006

The Riley Factor

Oklahoma Democrats welcome Senator Nancy Riley to our ranks. Her party switch yesterday is rocking the house and senate in OKC. Watch for the elephants to spin as this story makes national news.

Riley's switch is indicative of a trend amongst moderate Oklahomans who feel abandoned by the ultra-right wing leadership and agenda of the state's GOP. Every day we are getting calls and emails from Republicans who say they have "had enough" and they are sick and tired of being left behind and left out. One caller, angry about the Bush veto on stem cell research, put it this way, "I've been a Republican since 1970, I'll be a Democrat tomorrow, and thanks to Bush I'll be a diabetic forever." Yesterday Nancy Riley put it this way, "they have no compassion and they care more about power than the good people of Oklahoma."

The switch IS a big factor in our campaign to hold the Democratic majority in the State Senate. It will be a factor in fundraising, and in campaigning during the next 95 days. Get on board, because this year, 2006, is the year of the Democrats!

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PoliticalJunkie said...

Democratic Sen. Nancy Riley is speaking Monday night at the Tulsa County Federation of Democratic Women's monthly happy hour. Anyone in the area who would like to welcome Sen. Riley in person: 6:30 p.m., Baxter's Interurban, 717 S. Houston (downtown Tulsa).