Sunday, August 20, 2006

Love the city, love the politics! Mayor Daley addressed the DNC general session yesterday (maybe you saw it on CSPAN?). Also welcoming the DNC members was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. He's fired up about investing in education and working families in Illinois.

For a birds eye view of the meeting check out Tracy Russo's blog at Tracy was everywhere at the meeting, she even captured this photo of Oklahoma's National Committeewoman Betty McElderry at the Resolutions Committee meeting. And that's Sally Frasier in the Women's Caucus meeting. Jim Frasier, our National Committeeman, serves on the DNC Executive Committee. DNC member at large Kalyn Free hosted a reception on Friday night for INDN'S List where she announced that INDN's List is supporting the election of Native Americans to local and state office but ultimately expects to elect a Native woman to the US Congress. Ben Odom and I attended the Association of State Democratic Chairs meeting and I also attended a meeting for State Party Executive Directors. All six of Oklahoma's DNC members attended the General Session, including former ODP chair Jay Parmley who is now the coordinated campaign manager for Mississippi's Democratic Party. He has been working in Mississippi since last summer but maintains his home and ties to Oklahoma. Also attending from Oklahoma were Young Democrats Rachel Morse, Kathy North, and Alisa Cole.

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