Monday, August 07, 2006

Oklahoma Democrats on FACEBOOK

Join our group on by searching for the global group - Oklahoma Democrats. We've already acquired over 275 members in just ONE week - help us make it to 1,000 members by the end of the month.

If you don't know what facebook is, ask a student or your son or daughter (and remind them to join us!).

For more information on facebook, and what the ODP is doing to reach younger voters, keep reading.

The time to reach younger voters is now - and we know that we have to reach youth using the media they use. Research tells us that if we lose young voters now, then we lose them for the rest of their lives. If we can get them to vote Democratic in just three elections, then they are likely to support the Democratic Party over their entire lifetime.

So what is facebook? From their site:

"Facebook is a social directory that enables people to share information. People on Facebook are who they say they are and behave the way they do in the real world. Anyone with a valid email address from a supported college, high school or company can register for Facebook. They can then create profiles to connect with friends, share common interests, join groups, send messages, and share photos."

Not only can we send messages to all of our members - voluteer opportunities, reminders to vote, etc. - we can look at their self-created profiles, and see their interests, photos, and friends. They provide the marketing information, and we can use the information to see what will motivate them to go to the polls. We can check out what music they listen to (help us plan a early-voting concert - pick an artist that will appeal to the majority), see what websites they use, see what television shows they watch (help candidates with advertising to reach the 18-24 age group), and more.

Some stats (again from

"More than 7.5 million people registered
Over 2,200 colleges, 22,000 high schools and 2,000 companies supported
Two-thirds of registered people return every day
People spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily, according to comScore
#1 photo site on the web, with over 1.5 million photos uploaded daily
Seventh-most trafficked site in the United States"

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