Wednesday, August 02, 2006

National Night Out

Last night all over the country neighborhood organizations partcipated in National Night Out (NNO). I was lucky enough to participate in my first ever nieghborhood event.

We just moved into a new house in the Miller District and I attended our event hosted by Bruce Hall and Mike Stuart at their beautiful home. I may be biased but I think my neighborhood was very creative with our activities. We had a dessert and ice cream contest. With celebrity panelists!!

Oklahoma County Commissiner Jim Roth, Owner/Editor of the Mid City Advocate Harry Meister, and host Bruce Hall carefully judged each dish brought by neighbors and awards were handed out at the end of the night.

*My mom and I won 3rd place with her NOW award winning Peach Dump Cake* (If you want the recipe I will give it to is so easy!)

Another interesting thing I learned last night was a school project focused on Commissioner Roth. The students are from California and their class chose 5 races across the United States to study. The Oklahoma County Commissioner race was one of these 5 chosen. So, these students are going to follow Commissioner Roth for exactly one week filming everything! Then sometime in October he will receive a copy of the film for his own enjoyment.

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