Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The JOKE from OKE

New website highlights “everything that gets Jim Inhofe in hot water”

If you liked the outrageous rhetoric of Conrad Burns and George Allen, you’ll love the unhinged outbursts of the Joke from Oke.

Washington—Why should ‘06ers have all the fun? As the new website from the Senate Majority Project dedicated to Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) shows, irresponsible rhetoric in the U.S. Senate is hardly the sole property of the guys in tight reelection battles. In fact, Inhofe’s recent remarks on Iraq (“What’s happened there is nothing short of a miracle”), same-sex marriage (bragging about his very married, very heterosexual family) and global warming (whose advocates are, according to Inhofe, Nazi-like) make clear, there’s fun for everyone with the senior Senator from Oklahoma. And that’s just in the last couple months!

The new website,, is devoted to “everything that gets Sen. Inhofe in hot water.” In recent weeks, that’s included: his holding hostage a chemical security bill that would help prevent terrorists from turning chemical stockpiles into weapons; his continued crusade against clean air; and an interview this past weekend in which Inhofe called himself “wistful” for the days of the Cold War.

“Jim Inhofe’s over-the-top rhetoric gets him into hot water on a regular basis—and we don’t just mean his anti-global warming stance,” said Christy Setzer, communications director, Senate Majority Project.

Among the highlights of “JimInhotWater”:

He’s racist!
Inhofe’s English-only amendment to the immigration reform bill was characterized as “racist” by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said of Inhofe’s amendment, “I really believe this amendment is racist. I think it is directed basically to people who speak Spanish.” (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/20/06) The amendment drew fire because it could make it more difficult for government agencies to communicate with people who speak other languages. (USA Today, 6/19/06)

He’s frighteningly out of touch!
During the Bosnian conflict, Inhofe said refugees from Kosovo were “very well off.”
After returning from a weekend trip to Albania, Inhofe described refugees from Kosovo as “very well-off” and “well dressed,” and said the real dangers were faced by US troops. This description differs dramatically with news reports and other testimonials. (Tulsa World, 4/27/99)

He uses the Nazi comparisons!
Recently, Inhofe has compared global warming to the lies told by Nazis during the Holocaust. In a 2006 interview with the Tulsa World, Inhofe criticized what he saw as the strategy used by those that believe in global warming. “It kind of reminds…I could use the Third Reich, the big lie.” (Tulsa World, 6/22/06) is now live.

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