Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boggy Bottom Cowboy

Hugh Graham AKA Boggy Bottom Cowboy was in the office today. Hugh was elected secretary for the 2nd District at the July 29th Central Committee meeting. He is eager to open lines of communication with the Democrats throughout the 2nd District and is making a first step by establishing a blog for the Atoka County Democrats, he says a website is in the planning stages. If you want to talk back to Hugh and reach out to Atoka County Democrats check out this site


Boggy Bottom Cowboy said...

Well, I just want to thank Lisa so much for getting me started with online communications in our blog and also Jason for info on starting a web site. I hope to have one up and going soon.

Boggy Bottom Cowboy said...

I just want to thank Lisa for her help in setting up our blog. Lisa is always a great help to me and the Party.