Friday, August 04, 2006

Bellwether Politics -

Today's Washington Post reports on Eight Issues that will shape the 2006 elections. Read it here.

While Oklahoma is not on the targeted list of House races, and we have no Senate race, just two right-wingers pushing the buttons, we CAN be part of the CHANGE, and our candidates CAN WIN, if Democrats VOTE for Democrats in the general election.

When I spoke with 2nd District Congressman Dan Boren recently he said he would certainly appreciate the company of another Democratic Congressman or two from Oklahoma in DC. So what do you say? Let's send Alan Gentges (who showed up last night for the John Edwards event) to DC to represent the good people of CD 1. Let's re-elect Boren, who is doing a fine job representing that eastern Oklahoma district. Let's send Sue Barton to DC to advocate for Oklahoma families, children and farmers living in CD 3. She can get the job done. Let's send Hal Spake to represent the good citizens of CD 4. Hal's got a lot of great ideas and a strong team of grassroots supporters who are bound and determined to take the 4th. Let's send Dr. Hunter to Washington for CD 5. This open seat is our best bet for a pick up in Oklahoma. Get behind the good doctor because his campaign is getting ready to take off. He too has some unique ideas that will make him stand out and above the eventual GOP nominee.

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