Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Our Party's Message

In 2006, the ODP is dedicated to electing Democrats who will focus their legislative energy to develop solutions to improve our economy, enable working families to succeed, expand access to health care and protect education dollars. We are determined to improve our state’s education system, attract quality jobs and make health care accessible to those who need it most – our seniors, our veterans and our future children.

Oklahoma Democrats share Oklahomans’ values – honesty, hard-work, personal responsibility, public accountability and equal opportunity for all Oklahomans.

Oklahoma can trust Democrats to lead and to be good stewards of our state's resources.

We want to invite voters to return home to the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Watch the videos in the link below. These spots were made by State Senator Jim Wilson and speak to our values at the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

1 comment:

Nita Norman said...

I have just viewed the 4 spots" Welcome Home to the Democratic Party" that was produced by Senator Jim Wilson.... Thank you Jim, they are awesome! Hope everyone will take the opportunity to view the videos....They are short and to the point!