Friday, September 29, 2006

Where's Million Dollar Mary?

I visited with Fifth District Congressional nominee Dr. David Hunter and his wife Dianne Thursday at the successful fundraiser in Edmond last night. It seems the Lieutenant Governor has been dodging public appearances with Dr. Hunter since he wowed them at the Concerned Ethnic Americans of Oklahoma forum August 16. Where is Mary?

It was good to see Randel Shadid hosting this event at his fine art gallery in downtown Edmond. Shadid, a former mayor and long-time civic leader, doesn't make his political decisions lightly. He supports the person over the party. So, even though he's a registered Republican (like most people in Edmond), he doesn't hesitate to support Edmond's Dr. Hunter. That shows that Dr. Hunter's support is broad-based, like a Congressman's should be. He's comfortable wherever he goes, with whomever he meets.

The Republican nominee has been paid a million dollars in salary over her twelve years as Lieutenant Governor and four years in the State House before that. What do we have to show for our million dollars in taxes? She hasn't cast a legislative vote since 1994. She can't hold a candle to Dr. Hunter's business experience. Why should we vote for Million Dollar Mary?


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