Friday, September 29, 2006

Left Behind

No, this is not a rapture series, rather, it's an accounting of the impact of the Do-Nothing Congress on Oklahoma. Under the leadership of President Bush and his Republican allies in Congress, life has become more difficult for many Oklahomans. Read the details in full here. Democrats are working for real security, better jobs, college access for all, energy independence, affordable health care, and retirement security.

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Oilfieldguy said...

Hello Lisa Pryor. I was wondering if it were possible to either open up this blog to the rest of us in the Oklahoma Democratic party. Perhaps an open thread or something to encourage communication among the rank and file.

I have been active in the past, but now I'm back. I live in the 5th Congressional District and would really like to see this next election place it with the Democrats. I can find no polling information. What is going on in this race? I donated to Dr. Hunter, but I'm afraid, at this time, my activism will be limited to the internet.

You post here quite frequently, so I assume you may know what is going on. The internet is a live wire and we proggressives must pick it up and use it to the best of our abilities.

I have a website that I have been offering analysis on national events since last January. I do not have much of a readership at my blog, but as a commentor and guest poster at another major national blog, I have some notoriety.

I am trying to bring OK-05 into focus at a national level for internet contributions, but I do not know if these dollars will be spent by Washington consultants, more interested in sustaining their gravy train than electing their candidate.

Yes, I have read "Crashing The Gate" which is why I broach this subject. These are the people who are responsible for Tom Coburn being our Senator as opposed to Brad Carson. I need more info over here. Who is running Hunter's campaign? Open up the dialogue of the OK Democratic party at this site, please, so these questions can be answered. Let's win a few, mmmmkay.