Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whaa Whaa Whaa - "Photo-Op Thad" is Now "Crybaby Thad," Too

Every candidate knows their campaign signs may be subject to vandalism. No news there. But it appears Republican State Rep. Thad "Photo-Op" Balkman called up Oklahoma City's Fox News this week crying because a couple of his signs were spraypainted. Fox News drove to Norman (must have been a "slow news day") and interviewed Balkman about his misfortune. Balkman proceeded to talk about the "possibility" his Democratic opponent, Wallace Collins, was responsible for the vandalism. When interviewed by Fox, Collins explained that his campaign is staffed by family members and neither he nor his family had anything to do with Balkman's signs. So what's the big deal? The real story is that "Photo-Op Thad" is trailing in the polls and is desperately looking for any way possible to get his mug in front of a camera -- a tactic he's famous for at the State Capitol. (Remember his "mock funeral" complete with students carrying a casket on the steps of the Capitol to promote a piece of his legislation?) While Photo-Op Thad was crying for the camera, Wallace Collins told Fox News that what they really should have focused on was Balkman's poor excuse for leadership - including failing to provide needed funding for the Oklahoma Veterans Center and Griffin Memorial Hospital right down the street in the heart of District 45. Too bad Fox didn't include that comment in their news story. I guess Balkman's sorry legislative record isn't news anymore - but it is enough to make grown men (and women) in Norman cry real tears.

[As a side note, in 2004 when I challenged a Republican, fourteen of my 4x8 foot campaign signs were cut down and stolen in one night. During the same week a couple of my large signs were spraypainted with vulgar profanity. I reported the vandalism to the sheriff, replaced the signs, and continued campaigning. Unlike Crybaby Thad, I didn't call the TV stations, because this juvenile sign stuff is not really news. Vandalism is a crime and should be reported as such to the proper authorities.]

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