Friday, September 22, 2006

Deep Impact of Congressional Failures

This NY Times story "Pickers Are Few, and Growers Blame Congress", featured on KFOR-TV's website today explains the frustration of a dependably Republican group with the Bush conservatives in Congress who have failed to approve a new guest-worker program or deal with the very complex problem of immigration. Read it here. The fruit farmers, in particular pear growers, are furious and frustrated with the conservative agenda that refuses to deal with real problems in favor of political games. Meanwhile, Democrats are ready to pass tough, practical, comprehensive immigration reform to secure the borders, enforce our laws, and fix our immigration system. In Oklahoma Senator Daisy Lawler's Immigration Task Force is reviewing the facts and will make recommendations for action. And Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has shown great leadership already by sending our National Guard troops to the border to assist in the security problem there. Listen to the Governor talk about the Washington Way vs. the Oklahoma Way of problem solving here. One thing is for certain, you can trust Democrats to develop solutions to complex problems, not just develop political slogans. When the issues are tough, trust the Democrats.

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