Friday, September 15, 2006

Duncan Dems open headquarters

By Derrick Miller
The Duncan Banner

To get things done, it’s important to be organized.
The Stephens County Democrats opened their new headquarters with more than 30 people turning out to show their support. Several Democratic candidates also appeared, giving supporters a chance to meet with them and to gather more information about their campaigns.
Jimmy Beene, Stephens County Democratic Party chairman, said, “What we’ve spent the last two years working toward is about to culminate. Having the headquarters and these people showing their support just reaffirms it.
“We’ve been lucky to have the county party growing over the past two years.”
Beene said the purpose of the headquarters is to provide a location for Democrats to gather and to get things done, especially with election day approaching.
“We’ll be using it shortly,” he said. “It will help us get ready for Nov. 7.”
Aside from the group of Democrats that showed at the opening, two donkeys, Gizmo and Lil’Bit, were also on hand to raise the already-high spirits. Once introduced to the crowd, the donkeys posed for photo opportunities.
The building took two to three days to develop into a headquarters, but he said the true hard work rests with the candidates.
“We’re lucky to have the slate of candidates we have,” Beene said. “Our slate is strong from the governor down. We don’t have a weak link in there anywhere.”
Cody Graves, who is running for the corporation commission, said the headquarters opening was a good thing.
“I think it’s great,” Graves said. “There’s more energy across the state than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m seeing a lot more younger people coming out to vote.”
Hal Spake said the headquarters reflected Beene’s dedication to the Democratic cause.
“Jimmy’s doing a fine job here,” Spake said. “It shows how he’s working to get the Democrats together. There is hope for our nation.”
Melvin Jones, state representative candidate, said the opening was important.
“We’re excited to open the Stephens County headquarters,” Jones said. “It really gets us into the heart of the campaign.”
Beene said he thought the hard work over the past two years and leading to the election would pay off in November.
“We expect November to be very good for us,” he said. “We think things are going to come out blue.”

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