Friday, September 22, 2006

Much attention has been given to the huge lead Governor Brad Henry has in recent surveys over his GOP opponent-as wide a lead as 29 points in one poll. This has lead to high-fives in our camp, but we musn't lose sight of the even bigger prize-a chance to elect some fine Democratic challengers to statewide office. All of our incumbents, whether previously elected or appointed and running for the first time-deserve and appear to be earning a new four year term of office. Jari Askins, running for an open seat, has the lead as well in the race to be our next Lt. Governor. But Cody Graves and Lloyd Fields deserve a victory as well, and do not have the luxury of being the incumbent or running for an open seat...they are taking on entrenched incumbents. Every dollar counts for challengers, and they are harder to get. A contribution, or a day of volunteering in either of those races could make the difference between victory or defeat...they are that close. We would be a better state with Lloyd as the Labor Commissioner, and Cody back in the Corporation Commission. Both of their opponents seem to have forgotten that they are there to help out the consumer and that the big dogs have plenty of lobbyists to take care of them. So I intend to do what I can for these two great guys, and I hope you will as well.

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