Friday, September 29, 2006

Stop Desperate GOP Slash and Burn Strategy

Republicans know "the Senate" is up for grabs. They are attacking. They are lying. And they have publicly pledged to burn through every last nickel they have to gain control of our Oklahoma State Senate and hang onto the U.S. Senate.

Folks, let me put it simply. Republicans have absolutely nothing going for them other than fear and the support of deep-pocketed special interests.

If committed Democrats across the state and this country give the financial resources to neutralize the Republican fundraising advantage, we will hold the Oklahoma State Senate and take back the U.S. Senate.

There is no question.

That is why I need you to help us financially today. In the next 36 hours, we need $10,000 to reach our September 30 fundraising goal. Democrats are now leading or are within single digit margins in races for U.S. Senate seats. Democrats have strong incumbents and strong nominees for our State Senate and we must hold onto our majority.

Please make a secure online donation to the Oklahoma Democratic Party of $50, $75 or more to help reach our goal before midnight tomorrow. Please act now. Every minute and every dollar counts.

Republicans see the writing on the wall. They see Democrats opening up our leads and making strong advances into red territory. They see a Democratic majority in the Oklahoma State Senate and the U.S. Senate.

They surely saw the just released Survey USA poll showing that Republican incumbents Rick Santorum (PA) and Conrad Burns (MT) are the two most unpopular Senators in the entire United States. They are losing ground every day to Democratic challengers Bob Casey and Jon Tester.

In Oklahoma we must do everything we can to help our nominees in open seats: John Sparks, Tom Ivester, Sean Burrage, John Mark Young, Andrew Rice and Joe Sweeden. We must do everything we can to support our incumbents Senator Daisy Lawler, Senator Mary Easley, Senator Kenneth Corn and Senator Randy Bass. And we have challengers in Pat Potts, Josh Woods, Tom Gibson, Dennis Weese, and James Woods. Please make a contribution today so we can talk to Democrats in each of these districts about the real choices in front of them, about the differences between our nominees and theirs.

Backed into a corner, national Republicans have made no secret that 90% of their $60 million+ war chest will be spent running negative attacks against Democratic candidates. And Tom Daxon and Glenn Coffee are running around the state bragging about bringing in Karl Rove to help state GOP candidates. You know they will spend every dime and every day to expand their culture of corruption and cronyism in Oklahoma. Help us today to answer the negative attacks with positive, progressive messages --- not more political rhetoric.

You can help us elect Democrats and Save our Senate and Take Back the U.S. Senate today by making a contribution to the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

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