Monday, September 18, 2006

Dr. Hunter embraces plan for Iraq

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK­­- Today, Dr. David Hunter, U.S. congressional candidate for the fifth district announced his support of Senator Joseph Biden’s plan for handling the war in Iraq. Senator Biden calls the plan ‘a way forward’ and is a strong logical alternative to President Bush’s ‘stay the course’ strategy.

“We’re in a losing effort in Iraq not because insurgents are beating us on the battlefield, but because they are making our continued occupation ineffective. Senator Biden has proposed the only viable argument against a policy that is obviously failing in Iraq,” said Hunter.

Senator Biden’s proposal is a five point plan, the most crucial of which is a decentralization of the central government by establishing three autonomous ethnic regions-Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish. A central government would remain intact in Baghdad to control borders, foreign affairs, and distribute oil revenues. With an increase in sectarian violence in recent months, Dr. Hunter believes this division would allow the three main ethnic groups in Iraq to cool off and ultimately prevent a civil war that seems imminent at the moment.

The plan is modeled after one implemented in Bosnia over a decade ago to stop ethnic cleansing and violence. “Look at the success of this type of plan in Bosnia. It has been effective in bringing peace to a region that was in a similar state as Iraq. If we want to salvage Iraq, it is our only option at this point,” Hunter said.

Other parts of Biden’s plan include guaranteeing the Sunni minority a proportionate share of oil revenues, implementation of plans protecting women and minorities, enforcing an orderly and timely withdrawal of U.S. troops, and convening of regional summits to guarantee security of Iraq from outside threats.

“Every part of Senator Biden’s plan is meant to support and reinforce the idea of a stronger, sovereign Iraq. This should be the ultimate goal of our government, but the Bush administration has not shown this to be its priority. With no clear plan in Iraq, a civil war will ensue and the country will continue to deteriorate as the administration pours money down the drain,” Hunter said.

Dr. Hunter says that wrong decisions were made regarding Iraq, but the important thing now is to develop a definite strategy. “This plan provides a way out that is beneficial to the people of Iraq. We have to ensure that Iraqis are safe while also enforcing an timely exit strategy. Senator Biden has proposed a way to do this, and I support it fully,” said Hunter.

”My opponent, if she is elected, will be a rubber stamp for this administration,” says Hunter. She has said that we need to ‘stay the course’ and is behind this President 100%. Oklahomans are ready for a change, and I am the only candidate in this race who will fight for a change in Oklahoma and America.”

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