Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We’ve worked hard this year to ensure success for Democrats across our great state, but we need to keep up the fight!

On Saturday, October 14, at 10 AM, Oklahoma Democrats will gather to complete a nationwide effort to organize Democrats in 2006! Some states will organize on October 7, but Oklahoma will organize on October 14. We hope to repeat the great success of our statewide July event, the Democratic Family Reunion, in YOUR home county. The October event will in your COUNTY or your PRECINCT.

We are asking each county (and active precincts) to host a house party and voter contact activities in coordination with this event, inviting volunteers to gather together in one location in every country. To find or create an event, please visit www.dnc.org/events.

During your house party, you can participate in a statewide conference call with Democratic leaders, and possibly DNC Chairman Howard Dean, to motivate your team!

Let’s make Oklahoma the most successful event in the country by mobilizing more than a million Democrats!

Again, Oklahoma’s event will be held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, at 10 AM. (Please note, you may receive a national email tomorrow about this event, advertising it for October 7. Because of other events in the state, Oklahoma’s event is going to be held one week later.)

Thanks again for all you do to elect Democrats!

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