Sunday, September 17, 2006

Askins and Boren Reach Out to Ethnic Community

Congressman Dan Boren
, 2nd District, and Rep. Jari Askins, Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, spoke with passion and dignity at last night's political forum in front of more than 700 Oklahomans from diverse ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds.

Boren and Askins addressed the crowd with personal, relevant, and inspiring insights into their leadership experience and their commitment to justice and equality for all citizens. Both referenced specific instances when they have stood firm in protecting civil liberties and assisting Oklahomans who depend on government to protect life and liberty.

Both were clear favorites of the group who also heard from 5th District Congressional candidates Dr. David Hunter and Mary Fallin and Ernest Istook.

Following the forum Democratic speakers Askins, Boren, and Hunter were available for questions. Istook and Fallin left before the conclusion of the forum.

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Walter Jenny Jr. said...

Istook and Fallin left before the forum was over? What, they had something more important to do than answer voters' questions? Hmmmm...