Sunday, September 17, 2006


Last night's speech by Dr. David Hunter, Democratic nominee for the 5th Congressional District, to more than 700 people at the 2006 Ethnic Americans Political Forum at the Cowboy Hall of Fame could be summed up in four words: Rise above the fear.

After telling the group about a friend who had immigrated to this country after vicious attacks on his community and family from a cruel dictator, Dr. Hunter challenged the group to stop the fear and intimidation of the Republican controlled Congress, White House, and Courts by Rising Above the Fear and voting for Democrats in November. "Enough is enough" Hunter said. If you want a dictator-like assault on your civil liberties, if you want the possibility of having your family rounded up and placed in detention camps without the benefit of a lawyer or a trial, if you approve of torture practices, then do nothing. But if you want to fully protect your civil liberties and the American way of life, in America, then vote for Democrats -- and vote for Hunter on November 7th. At the conclusion of his speech the crowd rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation -- the only one of the evening.

Mary Fallin delivered her usual FFF speech and smiled a lot. Talked about how broken everything in Washington is. Well, Mary, your party controls all of it. Why would we send another Republican, oops, conservative, (they don't even call themselves Republicans anymore, count the times they say conservative) to add to the problem. Fallin will be another rubber stamp Republican for Bush and his cronies -- she will not be a problem solver and she will not inspire us to rise above the fear. Dr. Hunter will.

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