Thursday, September 28, 2006

100% Agreement

Key Point: President Bush told the American people that his policies are making America safer. Now all 16 agencies of America's intelligence community have revealed that his failed policy in Iraq has made terrorism worse. It is time for a new direction. The American people deserve real security.

All 16 of America's intelligence agencies agree: President Bush's failed policies in Iraq have made terrorism worse.

President Bush should not delay an updated NIE on Iraq because he doesn't like what it says. The American people expect the truth.

The American people deserve tough and smart national security policies, but Republicans in Washington are satisfied with failure.

The only people in America who are satisfied with the Bush Administration's strategy in Iraq are the Republicans in the White House and the Congress.

Iraq is in civil war, Afghanistan is in decline, the military is stretched thin, and America's security is in doubt. It's time for a change.

Democrats are fighting to take America in a new direction. It's time to change course in Iraq so that America can finally fight and win the war on terror.

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