Monday, September 25, 2006

Duck Duck Goose

The race for the the 5th District Congressional seat is getting interesting with Dr. Hunter now closing in on Mary Fallin who is ducking debates with the Democrat. This race is not a children's playground game but is real politics and real issues facing our nation. So why is the Republican nominee playing games with the voters in the 5th District? The voters need real leadership, not games.

Word is that she has refused to debate Dr. Hunter on a previously scheduled debate sponsored by KWTV9 and the OIPA. If she's really the frontrunner she should have no qualms about facing the good doctor. Makes me wonder if she's got what it takes to represent the citizens of the 5th District when she won't defend her "faith, family, and freedom" platform and positions on TV. I know that Dr. Hunter is ready to defend honest, open government and real security. Check him out at

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