Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Are You Reading?

This Democrat has been reading from a variety of books this weekend. . . .including Madeline Albright's "The Mighty and the Almighty" and Joe Klein's "Politics Lost." Also taking a look at Fawn Brodie's "Thomas Jefferson". Still trying to finish "Take it Back" by Carville and Begala. Read a few excerpts from "The Revolt of the Elites" by Christopher Lasch. And then of course, the usual online newspapers and blogs.

The result of reading widely is that it causes one to think discerningly, to challenge long held beliefs and even to move thought into action. At least that's the result I see associated with reading; not so for the conservatives who are scheming ways to eliminate funding for libraries and public television. It seems they would shut down access to information to relieve us all of the painful exercise of thinking and doing. It also seems that they attack libraries and public television and public radio to score points with their status quo , close-minded base supporters.


Lisa Pryor said...

Don't want to read the 259 page Klein book? Read this 5 page review from the same guy who wrote "What's the Matter with Kansas?" It's called Joe Klein's Turnip Day...reminds me of Leo McGarry's Block of Cheese Day...Anyway, the review is thorough and probably right on target. I haven't finished the book yet and may not after reading this review.

Jack Boyte said...

"Foxes in the Henhouse : How the Republicans Stole the South and the Heartland and What the Democrats Must Do to Run 'em Out", should be required reading for every precinct chair in Oklahoma.