Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Staurday I was pleased to keynote the Democratic rally in Madill. It was held on the courthouse lawn from a gazebo, and a pie auction was held as well...I bought the pecan pie. Senator Jay Paul Gumm thanked the crowd of abouty 60 for keeping the tradion alive of "speakin's", and the hit of the night was the Brad Henry for Governor headwear. Every man in the crowd seemed to have on a Henry hat by the end of the evening. County officers could not have been more helpful, and John Carter was a good emcee. It was nice to visit with Monte Womack, who went to high school with my wife, and who did a good job speaking for Frank Shurden. The folks there are still proud of favorite son Governor Raymond Gary, and he would have been proud of them as well.

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