Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rubber Stamp Republicans

We've had two Republicans contact us this week, sick and tired of the culture of corruption, the lying, buying, spying and bullying that dominates the Greedy Old Party. Both announced they have had enough of today's GOP and will change their registration as soon as possible.

Which brings up the fact that voters all over this state, and this nation are sick and tired of the antics of Bush's Rubber Stamp Congress. Check out this website for examples of the Rubber Stamp Congress and then add your own Oklahoma examples as comment to this blog entry. Jimmy Todd and the boys at 23rd and Lincoln are doing their best to play like the big boys in DC, following the lead of such ilk as Grover Norquist and others who hate government. These Republicans hate our government so much they want to destroy it and the Rubber Stamp Congress just goes right along with them. Say NO to this kind of leadership. Say NO to the Republicans and say YES to DEMOCRATS for Oklahoma and for America!

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