Friday, July 07, 2006

Lt. Gov Forum -- More than a Stump Speech

Last night's Lt. Governor Democratic Candidates Forum provided listeners with an opportunity to hear more than a stump speech and view the distinct personalities of three Democrats who are each very serious about their campaign for the party's nomination and berth on the November ballot.

Moderator Scott Gurian, KGOU news director, approached his role by first questioning people in downtown OKC about the role of the Lt. Governor. Unfortunately, he said, the responses were not very enlightened, many knew who the Lt. Governor is, but few could describe the responsibilities of the constitutional office --- and these are the people who work in tall buildings and make big decisions. Gurian then provided the audience with some context about the actual duties and then he asked Rep. Jari Askins, Sen. Cal Hobson, and Pete Regan to explain why they are uniquely qualified for the office. (Candidate Jim Rogers declined the invitation to participate.)

Their opening and closing statements and answers to some very serious questions regarding religion and politics, veterans affairs, immigration, light rail, seniors, the Americans with Disabilities Act, affirmative action, campaign finance reform, and economic development can be heard on KGOU radio on Sunday morning. Check out their website for details on this VOICES program at (Bill Bateman from KTOK was also there recording so if you are a KTOK listener, check in there to get his version. In fact, I saw reporters there from the Daily Oklahoman, the Tulsa World, the Journal Record, OKinsider, Mid-City Advocate, Univision, and OETA. )

The candidates answered questions for nearly two hours and still there were more questions. I will post the questions on this blog later today that were submitted for all of the candidates but were not asked due to time limits on the forum. Comments will be accepted to those questions by the candidates only.

Thanks to each of the campaigns, members of the press, and to the audience members for participating in this very democratic process.

More information about each of the candidates is available on their websites and each candidate will be appearing at many more events during the next 18 days. Check out the calendar at and check out the candidate websites at,, and

If you attended the forum last night, post your thoughts here about the candidates' answers.

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