Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday Night Reunion

If you missed the family reunion with the Democrats last night you won't miss it again!!! I estimated 350 but security told me there had to be more like 500 people there last night at our first Democratic Family Reunion. It was a fun, fun evening for young and old and I hope that the party will make this an annual event. It was THE place to be for Democrats last night....we'll have photos soon to prove it! And we'll have memories forever.

Thanks to our fabulous ODP staff and volunteers for putting together this premier event. A special thanks to Jason McCarty, Courtney Ruark, Lindsey Cox and Chelsea Southerland for their hard work on this event.

Thanks also to vicechair Ben Odom and our emcee Rep. Ryan McMullen.

Rep. Joe Dorman provided watermelon and the Oklahoma State Building Trades cooked up some great hotdogs. AFSCME provided water for our guests, thank you --- especially Matt and Jane!

Thanks to The Oklahoma Lumbermen's Association for their assistance through their amazing ED Sharilyn Young.

Thanks to Charlie and Juanita King for providing a real tree stump for our candidates and officials to speak from! Oklahoma Democrats are serious about our heritage, our legacy and we are serious about November!

Thanks also to our other fabulous event sponsors Governor Brad Henry, Treasurer Scott Meacham, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Supt. Sandy Garrett, State Auditor Jeff McMahan, State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, and Corporation Commissioner candidate Cody Graves.

Thanks to all of our candidates, speakers, and surrogates who gave us something to fight for last night, something to think about, and now something to do....Elect Democrats!

Thanks to ALL of our wonderful volunteers and to ALL of the GREAT DEMOCRATS who participated in the evening. We are FIRED UP about the November elections and ready to MOVE this State FORWARD in the next 100 days.

Thanks to the musicians, Travis Linville, Dameon Allensworth of Briar Branch Road, and Mama Sweet.

Thanks to the superb staff at the Harn Homestead. If you haven't visited this site please do, it's a real jewel right in the heart of OKC.

Thanks also to the DNC and Chairman Howard Dean for initiating this event and mobilizing Democrats nationwide to commit to 100 Days of Action. We Democrats will fight in every precinct, in every county, in every state in 2006 and we will WIN!


PoliticalJunkie said...

Last night's Democratic Family Reunion at Harn Homestead in OKC was fantastic! It was wonderful to be surrounded by upwards of 500 Dems. We had a great time chatting and listening some great music. Of course there were a few political speeches, but you couldn't have a Party event with them. Oh, and we had statewide candidates as well as candidates from other parts of the state. Just great. thank you Oklahoma Democratic Party for putting on such a great event!

Lynn Green said...

You all throw a hell of a party. My compliments to all who were involved. Please post ways that we Democrats can make our 100 contacts.

Lisa Pryor said...

These people received free t-shirts for being the one of the first 50 through the gate Friday night! (If you missed the reunion but still want to support our candidates and our party, call Lindsey at 405.427.3366 and ask about the t-shirts.)

Randy Crownover, John Herold, Gus Morrison, Louise Scoles,
Jerri Edwards, Shirtley Burton, Mary Scott Young, Lilz Parker, Dwight Clark, Pat Lowry, Ann Venters, Harley Venters, Mary Roark, Thomas Roark, Ron Glass, Jeri Glass, Ratul Esvar,Ismat Esrar, Jeff Nieman, Mark Cavanah, Tristin Wilson, Skyler Newark, Bob Wolf, J.D. Thompson, Richard Ruth, Howard Crain, Gaylon Hill, Ruby Taylor, Edna Brookkfield, Amy Regan, Pat Collins, Wallace Collins, Neal Hardin, Mary Hardin, Mary Petermann, Ruth Grisham, Liz Estes, Lena Mae Smith, Penny Crownover, Juanita Shays, Pat Lowry, Brandi.

Nita Norman said...

The picnic that was held Saturday evening was hot hot hot! . . . Not just because it was 100+, but because the heat was being generated by 500 Democrats that are ready to win in 2006!

Hats off to those involved; it was a wonderful evening, (loved the stum)!

Hope that we can do it again.