Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DNC Training in Chicago

Well, today was my first full day of training. I must say a 7am wake-up call and listening to speakers for 11 hours was not my initial idea of fun in Chicago. A city so full of history and interesting places to go. I thought my first trip would be filled with museums and blues clubs. However, I am not disappointed in the things I am learning. The DNC is providing the voter file training and made all arrangements.

One comment that is repeated over and over is we "are here for our candidates and our state". It is true. Every piece of knowledge that I take with me this week will be relayed to each candidate willing to listen from county levels up to statewide candidates.

46 states are represented this week and I am happy to be the representative for Oklahoma. I have met many people from around the country (my roommate is from Utah) and many DNC staffers. ALL Democrats so at least I am comfortable among friends.

Tomorrow is another full day of learning, and I am personally hoping I can make it to the Art Institute before it closes on Friday!

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