Saturday, July 15, 2006

Northwest Oklahoma Democrats -- Alive and Well

Thanks to all the Democrats who came out for last night's speaking and watermelon feed hosted by the Alfalfa County Democratic Party Chair. Thanks especially to County Chairman and County Commissioner AJ Rexroat who emceed the event. Also, a special thanks to John Herold, Ann Murrow, Milt Lehr and Becky McCray. And hats off to all who attended. When Anita Norman and I arrived at the Carmen City Park the thermometer said 108 degrees. 3rd District Chairman Mack Miller arrived a few minutes after we did, bringing a load of Henry for Governor signs for distribution throughout the area.

Fortunately a breeze came along about 6:45 and cooled things off to a balmy 104. When we left at 9:30 the temperature was 95. And the temperature wasn't the only thing that was HOT last night. That 3rd District Congressional race is HEATING up. Sue Barton, Greg Wilson, and John Harris are serious as a heart attack about earning the right to face off with Frank Lucas in November. Each bring some significant experiences to the table related to the real issues that the folks in this rural district face - and each are true public servants. Barton has experience with youth and family services, Wilson is a veteran and law enforcement professional, Harris is an attorney. I am personally very proud that they are each willing to fight the fight and carry the message that Democrats CARE about people and that we must restore some common sense to Congress. (BTW Americans agree with that, the latest AP IPSOS poll indicates that 57% of Americans prefer a Democrat candidate for Congress. This is THE YEAR for Democrats to show up with a vision, a plan, and a good fight.)

In between speeches we were served ice cold watermelon. Nothing better on a hot summer night than ice cold melon!

Mike Stake asked the folks there for their vote for district attorney, pledging to be a full-time servant of the people. Makes me wonder what's going on at the courthouse! Sounds like the good people out there aren't getting their money's worth from the current district attorney. Like a good Democrat, Mike believes in a fair pay for a day's work, a full day's work.

I was also proud of the young campaign staffers who are making the rounds representing the statewide campaigns. They are getting a great head start on learning the ropes of should shake their hands when they come to your town, because some of them will be future senators, representatives, mayors, commissioners, and maybe a governor. Cal Hobson and Pete Regan both sent young representatives who both did a fine job speaking on behalf of their bosses. Brad Henry sent a duo who are logging some serious miles in support of the governor. I had the privilege of speaking briefly about the governor's numerous accomplishments and about the other statewides who are making this year's Democratic ticket the best in decades. I am shameless when it comes to proclaiming the great job being done for our state by Treasurer Scott Meacham, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, State Auditor Jeff McMahan, and State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland. Now we just need to add Democratic Lt. Governor and Labor Commissioner nominees and get moving toward November.

One thing for sure, the voters are ready to hear from our candidates. While surrogates are good, nothing beats that handshake from THE CANDIDATE. I know ours are busy, busy, busy in the run up to the primary.

It was a good trip; I visited with the editor of the Enid News Eagle on the way up then we toured the Sod House north of Cleo Springs. I also took a photo of a Heroes' Wall in Aline with my phone, when I figure out how to get it onto the computer I'll share that with you. Next time I'll make time to visit the Great Salt Plains too.


Mack Miller said...

The Alfalfa County Democrats pulled off a great event last evening. Had some good watermelon and everyone got to hear some good speeches. I think there were at least 3 counties present, maybe more. Lisa, you gave a good speech and everyone enjoyed listening to her.

The mayor of Carmen was present to welcome everyone to his city. He said he was a member of the `giant oil party' but he would stay and see if we could give him reason to change. We gave him lots of reasons, Todd Hiett being the #1 reason to become a DEMOCRAT!

Lisa, nice to have you and Anita out here in my neck of the woods!

Congrats John and everyone else on ma very successful event!

Becky McCray said...

Thank you, Lisa, for making the trip! We are very glad you took time to attend, and we appreciate your awesome speech!

You can see a pic of the Heroes wall in Aline over on my photo blog. If you look, you'll find the names of my grandfather Paul C. Allen (just below the left window), along with several great uncles and my great aunt Mary Kershner (next to last column), so I am understandably proud!

It was an oustanding event, and hopefully we'll work together for more in the Northwest.