Saturday, July 15, 2006

Burgers, Dogs and Politicians in Eastern Oklahoma County

Congratulations to Eastern Oklahoma County Democrat of the Year Phyllis Haivala. She and the other volunteers who put together today's picnic at the IBEW did a bang up job. I know Phyllis and she is a true blue yellow dog Democrat. Thanks to Chuck Allen for his leadership in promoting the local and statewide Democratic candidates.

Governor Brad Henry, State Treasurer Scott Meacham, and State Auditor Jeff McMahan each took a turn speaking to the crowd of more than 150 at the noon event. After speaking they hit the road for some of the Eastern Oklahoma events held today. Surrogate speakers included Pat Hall for Jari Askins and Kyle Dean for Pete Regan. Lealon Taylor and Wendy Pratt were there to represent Sandy Garrett.

Both Democratic candidates for the 5th Congressional District post spoke, with both generating numerous rounds of applause for their efforts. Dr. David Hunter and Bert Smith each have dedicated supporters and volunteers who are working the voters hard in advance of the July 25th primary election. Good luck to both!

Fifth District Chair Jeremy Hendricks spoke on behalf of Democrat David Prater who is running for Oklahoma County District Attorney against Wes Lane. Go David!!!!

Sheriff John Whetsel was there keeping law and order. We are so proud of Sheriff Whetsel and the great job he's doing at downtown OKC's renowned "bed and breakfast"!

I saw several Jim Roth supporters at the event also. The commissioner is doing a fine job taking care of the business of the district and NOT being sidelined by made up issues. Thanks for a great job Jim!

While it's not technically in the 4th District, candidate Hal Spake was there to meet with good Democratic activists. He told me he had been in Stratford earlier visiting with voters there about his campaign for the 4th Congressional District. One thing about it, our congressional candidates aren't afraid to expose the Republican culture of corruption, and polls show that voters are listening.

Area candidates I saw working the crowd included Anastasia Pittman, Al McAffrey, Jennifer Seal, Larry Gooch, and Richard Morrissette. House Democratic Leader Danny Morgan from Prague stopped by to encourage all of us in our efforts to create a NEW MAJORITY in the House of Representatives. Even Carol Ruth, who is running in Canadian County, had a representative at the event -- good job Karen! (With all the star power there, it tells me that Democrats in Eastern Oklahoma County are serious about their politics.)

Was good to see Ron Wasson, Jody Harlan and Tim Wagner, Chris Bryant, Juanita Sykes, Glen and Jane Hightower, Turner Mann, Mike Fuller, Harley and Anne Venters, Jim Huff, Esther Baltierrs, Victor Gorin, Linda Wade, Cris Davis and James Baggett there also. So many hard-working Democrats!

Rex Hogan, Calvin Rees, and Ellen Stevens were there too. Joe and Polly Forgy had some good advice for me today. Saw Debbie Hogue-Downing and her husband Carl Downing, Forrest Rush, and Valerie Allen.

I met Ed Waits for the first time. I'll post the lyrics to a song he wrote on a separate entry. Thanks Ed for your ideas!

And thanks again to all those who hosted the event!

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Linda Wade said...

It might just be the Eastern Oklahoma County democrats (who are by and large progressive and vocal) but there has been a definite "turn of the worm" in our candidates. In my area, I've gathered information and confirmation on those candidates who believe in democratic principals and have more than a passing relationship with the intent of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Today was a wonderful opportunity to hear them speak in defense of those principals!

Oklahoma Democrats who have longed for candidates who are willing to call the Republican agenda what it is (destructive, dangerous and UN-American) would have found them in abundance today!

Many of us have been saying that the TRUTH is sufficient to win the day in our upcoming elections. Today was testimony that many, many Democratic candidates have come to believe that also.

Get active; get involved in whatever way you can! WE CAN WIN because most of these candidates are campaigning by speaking the truth, defending the Bill of Rights, and calling the Republican agenda what it is...dangerously misguided! If we manage to get these people elected, we can move this country back to sanity. Make the difference and volunteer today!

And, if you wish to work on Hal Spake's CD 4 campaign, please contact me at! *g*

Linda Wade