Monday, July 17, 2006

Rogers County Picnic

I was honored to attend the Rogers County Democratic Party picninc and candidate speaking that was held this weekend in Claremore. It was hot, but no one seemed to mind much. There was a good group of democrats enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots of water!!

As soon as I got there I spoke with Angela Wilson, the County Chair and was promptly introduced to Jim Blouch Vice-Chair. I was also priveleged enough to meet Kalyn Free DNC At-Large Member and Founder/President of INDN's List as well as Freida Wilcox, Congressional Distict 2 Vice-Chair.

Lloyd Fields, candidate for State Labor Commissioner, was busy going around the state, so he gave his speech first thing from the top of a picnic table and then left for the next event on his calendar.

We then mingled around until the rest of the speakers were going to begin. That is when I met John Cummings, County Commissioner candidate in District 1; Randy Baldridge, County Commissioner (incumbent) in District 3; Ken Froese, County Commissioner candidate in District 3; and Bruce Long, County Commissioner candidate in District 3. There are a lot of candidates for the different Commissioner seats and they have a lot of work ahead of them for the next week.

The incumbent for County Treasurer, Kathy Pinkerton Baker, was also there with a lively speech to get everyone excited.

I was also pleased to see the incumbent for County Assessor, Melissa Anderson, there with all of her supporters.

Sean Burrage Senate Candidate in District 2, was met with a round of applause as he talked about how difficult the race would be, but also how important their district was for majority control.

House District 6 candidates, Kenny Weast, and Chuck Hoskin were also there to pump the crowd up for the Primary and upcoming general election.

Congressman Dan Boren sent well wishes to the crowd through County Chair Angela Wilson, and apologized for not being able to attend the picnic.

I had a great time at this event and I cannot wait until this group gets together again!!

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