Monday, July 17, 2006

Do Nothing Congress

For months, Americans have paid more and more for gas. Even with all-time record prices approaching, this Republican Congress still does nothing to help. [BTW, have you noticed the Pruitt for Lt. Gov signs in front of the Shell gas stations around town? Right next to that $3 per gallon gas price; he ran for Congress once, didn't make it, and now he wants to be our Lt. Governor....I don't think for the Democrat of your choice next Tuesday and send a message to the Greedy Old Party....your priorities are not our priorities.]

Republicans have mismanaged the government, and wasted Congress's time with a partisan agenda. [Reminds me of the old joke, what's the opposite of progress? Congress. Let's send some Democrats to Congress from Oklahoma for a change and for real progress.]

With only 20 legislative days left in the 109th Congress, it is time to begin working for all Americans, not just the privileged few.

Democrats believe the Senate must address these critical issues before the August recess: stem cell research, the price of gas, college affordability, and an honest debate on Iraq. [No more bait and switch, no more emotional public relations pitches, let's deal with the real issues facing our country.]

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